Capcom Arcade Cabinet – Retro Game Collection

Capcom Arcade Cabinet -Retro Game Collection-
カプコン アーケード キャビネット -レトロゲームコレクション-

Capcom’s latest ‘8-Bit Arcade’ retrospective features a total of 15 classic titles for download, to be released over a set period of time. Each fits into a nice ‘History’ front end full of options and extras, including online leaderboards and ‘Replay Save’.

In all it’s a very nice package. If anything the menus are a little cluttered and confusing – the sheer amount of options is verging on the OCD side of things.
Also the selection is rather limited; not to mention a little tired: almost all of these games have already been re-issued either in the Capcom Generation (1998) series or ‘Capcom Classics Collection’ (2006) for PS2… There remains a massive amount of other games itching for a home version – instead we get the same old material for the third time running.
Hopefully there’s more to come… In the meantime this is as good an excuse as any to get into some of the finest video games ever made.

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