Micomsoft have firmly established themselves as one of the leading brands in gaming equipment technology. Their ‘XRGB’ range is the name of choice in the field of HD enhancement for old-school RGB and S-Video console signals.
A veteran name of the japanese computer industry, Micomsoft were publishers of the hugely popular ‘Gekkan MyCon’ and ‘MyCon BASIC Magazine’ throughout the 80s. Many special issues remain references to this day – least of all the excellent ‘All About’ series (listed on Studio Bent Stuff page).
Their software branch ‘Dempa’ was also prolific, excelling in the field of arcade conversions for Japanese PCs and forming a very strong partnership with arcade masters Namco.
Starting in 1983 with Galaxian, Pac-Man and Dig Dug for the NEC PC-8801, Dempa developed Moon Patrol and Burger Time for the MSX, and Space Harrier across all platforms.
Best of all has to be their phenomenal X68000 output. Each game is a bona fide milestone, and flawlessly ported. Their library remains one of the single best reasons why the X68000 was one of the best gaming machines of its time.

Their hardware range began as far back as 1985, with the old style XE-1, a clumsy left-handed joystick for the MSX.
Their second model (XE-1ST and XE-1PRO series) was a vast improvement. There were so few quality joysticks available at the time it filled a massive void, becoming a firm favourite on every format it was released on (MSX, X68000, Famicom, PC Engine, Mega Drive, Super Famicom).
The analog XE-1AP is infamous for being one of the earliest analog controllers for home consoles. Launched to tie-in with the X68000 and Mega Drive ports of After Burner, it is a truly unique design, and an obvious influence over the Nintendo 64 and Dreamcast controllers.
Sadly the MD After Burner was to be Micomsoft’s only console release. They did continue their excellent X68000 range for few years, but it was clear where the company was moving: hardware. And it shows: their X68000 range is peppered with exclusive accessories:
– Cameltry (Sep 1991) includes a trackball mouse holster
– Chelnov (Jan 1993) 3-button MD pad adaptor
– Libble Rabble (June 1993) ‘XPD-1LR’ double-pad controller
– Pac-Land (Dec 1994) 3-button controller
The X68000 Baraduke (June 1995) would be their last game release – but the hardware and accessories just kept coming. By 2000 they were pioneering audiovisual gaming equipment.

Micomsoft do it well: their XRGB-3 is easily one of the best devices out there for running older consoles on a HD television. It introduced ease of use and extraordinary image quality from old 240p hardware.

The FRAMEMEISTER is their latest model, and we’ve already filled a lot of demand. So we got a load more of them in for everyone’s benefit. Grab them while they last!

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